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Electrochromic materials and devices are the most energy-saving, environmentally friendly, anti-ultraviolet, infrared, and thermal conductivity of a new type of nanomaterials discovered so far. They are called "black gold" and are the "king of new materials". The products are mainly used in 3C electronic consumer products such as mobile phones and automobile interior and exterior rearview mirrors, sunshade filters, aircraft portholes, smart windows and curtain wall glass. It can effectively prevent glare, ensure safety, prevent light pollution, protect eyes, and protect the environment, and heat insulation and energy saving. The production and application technology of electrochromic materials and devices is the strategic commanding height of the world's high-tech development, and its degree of industrialization has attracted worldwide attention. The intelligent anti-glare rearview mirror system is regarded as a unique high-end product in the new century in the world.

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